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Training programs

gfgh_400The following courses are designed to build up and enhance selling and management skills for Hanwha Life Vietnam's sales force in line with our agency terms and remuneration structure.

1. Basic Training Program for New Recruits (BFC)

Participants: New Financial Consultant (FC) trainee.

- Basic knowledge about life insurance;
- Insurance law;
- Financial Consultants' ethic codes;
- Rights and responsibility of insurance companies and agents;
- Selling skills and role-play;
- Hanwha Life Vietnam's products.

After finishing this course and passing the final examination, the DC trainees will be licensed to sell Hanwha Life Vietnam's products.

Training duration:
5 days (#40 hrs).

2. Advanced selling skills for Rookie Financial Consultant (EFC)

Participants: FCs in their first 3 service months.

This course is comprised of 12 topics (120 minutes per topic) which are designed to build up good working habits and to improve selling skills for the newly graduated FCs.

In addition to lectures, the trainees will be involved in lots of discussions, role-plays and coaching sessions by agency managers.

Training duration: 24 hours per quarter.

3. Professional FC Training (PFC)

Participants: Experienced FCs

This course is comprised of 4 topic (180 minutes per topic) which are designed to build up the following skills:

- Improving efficiency in customer service:
- Market development strategies and career path;
- Prospecting and servicing in the "VIP" market.

Participants to this training course will not only improve their earning opportunities but also pave their way to become professional FCs or agency managers.

Training duration: 2 day.

4. Pre-Unit Manager Training (TBS 1)

Participants: Potential Unit Managers.

This course aims to provide necessary skills for Unit Manager candidates to build up a Unit Team. Key topics include:

- Team building skills;
- Recruitment skills;
- Business planning skills;
- Effective supervision skills.

Training duration: 3 days.

5. Advanced Team Building Skill for Unit Managers (TBS 2)

Participants: Unit Managers

This course aims to help new Unit Managers to perfect the team building, activity management and supervision skills. Key topics include:

- Interview and selection skills;
- Joint-field-work skills;
- Meeting organization skills;
- Experience sharing and public speaking skills.

Training duration: 6 sessions (3 days).

6. Pre District Manager Training (TMS 1)

Participants: District Manager candidates.

This training course aims to provide necessary skills for District Team development and management, including:

- Coaching skills;
- Business planning skills;
- Recruiting skills;
- Leadership skills;
- Training skills;
- Motivation skills;
- Reporting skills.

Training duration: 3 day.

7. Advanced Team Management Skill for District Managers (TMS 2)

Participants: District Managers.

This training course has been designed to improve DMs’ team management skills, including:

- Maintaining and improving team activity ratio;
- Agency and agency leader development;
- Organizational skills for sales and recruitment seminars

Training duration: 6 sessions (3 days).

8. Leadership skill (LDS)

Participants: Sales Development Manager candidates.

- Leadership skills;
- Supervision skills;
- Business development skills;
- Conflict management skills.

Training duration: 3 day.

9. Advanced leadership skills

Participants: Regional Sales Directors, Sale Development Managers, Senior Training staff.

- Enhancing leadership skills;
- Update on management skills;
- Discussions about business development and training issues.

This training course will be mainly outsourced to professional training organizations with tailor-made subjects.

Training duration: 3 days.

10. Leadership skills enhancement programs

Participants: Regional Sales Directors, Sales Development Managers.

Specific contents will be designed in accordance with senior sales management’s training needs from time to time.

Training duration: 2 times per year.