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old-hand-739536_400Hanwha Life has held a lot of social activities in South Korea for disadvantaged people. For one charity program called “Hanwha Life’s Day of Love” that was launched in September 2004 alone, there are 148 social work groups with 30,000 volunteers, each spending at least 20 working hours per year for this program. In addition to social works, these volunteers have made total donations of more than USD 3.3 million to the people in need. This is why we have repeatedly received the Grand Prize for Social Responsibility awarded by the Korea Economic Times since 2005. Therefore, we have decided to spend a large part of our operational budget in 2009 on the “Hanwha Life’s Day of Love” charity program so that we can best support poor people, unattended old people, orphans and disabled people in Vietnam. We have also planned to maintain and expand this program in the following years. Our long-term support for charity activities in Hospital of Pediatrics No. 2 and the National Hospital of Pediatrics not only shows our commitment to community benefits but also gives us the joy and pride of cooperating with Vietnam’s leading hospitals on fostering and nurturing the future generation of the country.”


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