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Recruitment process

cogwheel170With the aim to develop a high quality sales force who works with a professional ethics and high quality services to customers, and in compliance with Hanwha Life's philosophy « Trust - Respect - Innovation », company (hereby called HLV) stipulates a nationwide-consitent standard in terms of recruitment procedure as follows

Recruitment criteria:

  • Age: 22-60
  • Residential status: permanent resident certification or long-term resident form (KT3) at those locations where HLV is recruiting
  • Basic education: candidates must be a high-school graduate.
  • Experiences in sales and/or marketing, consulting, sales managment is preferred.

Attitude and characteristics:

  • Positive attitude: has long-term and specific ; challenges acceptance ; demonstrates positive thinking; willing to provide best services to customers
  • Ambitious to succeed: has strong interest and desires in career achivement ; self-disciplined with a scheduled working habits, and be proactive
  • Persistence: able to adapt to all cirrcumstances; willing to take the challenges
  • Mature personality: be reliable and always keeps committments; has a judgeable mind and able to make appropriate reaction and decision ; willing to support others.
  • Sociable mobility: able to make a first good impression and a coherent presentation ; be courteous, friendly and easygoing

Recruting processes:

  • Approaching: Contact and arrange an appoitment to introduce life insurance career.
  • Screening and selecting those who are met minimum recruitment criteria set-forth by HLV (above-mentioned) => advice them to join the career seminar.
  • Interviewing those who have strong interest & able to succeed in FC career as well as ready to attend BFC course
  • Training: the qualified candidates will be invited to participate a 5-day course to learn the basic knowledge of life insurance and HLV's products.
  • Licensing: Trainees who have been successful in 5 days training and exams will gain the license to sell HLV's products.